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Model Flying Club

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While this arrangement was good in some aspects, for example staging truly massive model aircraft meetings it never the less had its downside that included an administrative nightmare as well as a complete lack of club feel "feel". By the early 1980’s the groundswell of opinion was calling for a dedicated club to be formed with the sole club right to fly model aircraft on the airfield.

Again led by David Windrow and supported by some other members, long negotiations were held with the Council the outcome being that E&NW MFC was finally reformed with the sole right to fly model aircraft at North Weald.

We have always strived and achieved an excellent working relationship with the Council and its staff, this in turn has enabled generations of modellers to enjoy flying at the site, and this included the sadly missed Ayrton Senna who was an active member when not racing.

As stated previously the club facilities are excellent and the buildings were renovated to a high standard by a team of volunteers led by club member Woody. Throughout the clubs history it has attracted various members who stood out and went on to help pioneer aspects of our hobby including air to air photography, very early gas turbine development, multi cylinder IC four stroke engines including numerous radials, very large models and much more. Whilst this seems common place in our hobby today, then it was cutting edge technology. Some even went further and flew, or attempted to, their own design full size flying machines.

A brief look back in time

By Steve Rose