Epping & North Weald
Model Flying Club

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Club History

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Our privileged position affords us all the facilities available to full size pilots with our clubhouse, toilets and workshop just yards from our runway.

Flying electric, IC, Petrol and Gas Turbines (fixed wing/helicopter) seven days a week all year round, we really do enjoy our flying to its full.

If you have BMFA insurance and an “A” or “B” you can come along with a foamie and fly during one of our fly ins, check out our events page for the next available foamie fly in date and call (via Contact Us) to reserve your place.

We are moving, but still on the airfield.

Our new, dedicated flying site is in the process of being prepared, the other side of the airfield and our clubhouse and workshop is scheduled for delivery.  The overall area is substantial, the field has been seeded so we should start to see its real potential.

See the “Features” page for more details.